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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Feb 2007

Location: Pondicherry, India

MapWelcome To India!!! So here I am in the world's most populated country! I arrived later than I hoped, met a girl on the street and we shared a room my first night in Chennai. Chennai is a big city, with all the noise, pollution, honking, and poor people sleeping on the sidewalks that India is so famous for! I spent a half a day there getting a pedicure/manicure and buying myself a beautiful but not cheap scarf! It is gorgeous and different! Then it was off to Mamallapurum two hours away by bus! The buses in India have no doors or windows. Fun FUN! Mamallapurum is famous for its SHore Temple and Five Raths. The ruin was interesting the temple was okay. The town is a small tourist enclave. So it wasn't much of an introduction to the real India. I ate steak and potatoes au gratin for dinner! I met some nice people to hang out with. I also spent lots of time chatting with a Kashmeery shop keeper. They don't look anything like the southern Indians. I am now in another touristy town for a day or so but after that it will be awhile before I hit another town like these two. So real India here I come. I am hanging out with two other girls but we are all going in different directions in another day. I will certainly meet others along the way! So far India has been great. I have been told the South is easier because of the shorter distances and less hassles. Only time will tell! Chat soon, Love, T