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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Feb 2007

Location: Alleppey, India

MapHello all! I am actually in transit as I type. In an hour I am catching a bus to the hill station of Moonar. 2200m above sea level. Which will make for a nice break from the heat which is increasing by the day!I also have a cough and I am certain the pollution is making it much wore! The last few days have been quiet interesting. Since I wrote last I came upon a huge festival for the God Shiva. There were elephants, music, dancing and then about 200 men carried this massive tower around the temple three times. There were thousands of people and tons of noise but lots of fun. It is amazing to just stumble across something speical like that. After leaving the amazing beach and warm warm warm Arabian sea I caught a boat to Alleppey. But on the way we stopped at an ashram where Amma the most famous female Guru (spiritual leader) in the world lives. More than half of the year she is away on tour but lucky me caught her on a day she was in. She is all knowing supposedly and she is called the hugging Guru. I lined up two days in a row to feel her embrace! The place was interesting, especially because it was my first Ashram experience. 3000 people permanently live on the ashram. It is all vegetarian, most people are wearing white. It was a nice change in the travelling routine and I met many interesting people. I am not a convert, but i do respect someone like Amma that has done sooooo much for the Indian community. Hospitals, schools, orphangages, she feeds 50,000 people a week! She has hugged millions of people. She sometimes hugs up to 18 hrs a day! It is quite an amazing sight and I am glad i had the opportunity to experience it. I am now travelling with Alex a good looking Italian guy, 30! I still miss Jimmy and Rachid who were such excellent travel companions! I hope you are all well. Chat soon, Love, T