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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Feb 2007

Location: Cochin, India

MapHello All! I have spent three days in Cochin! I went to Friday night service in a small, quaint synagogue. The torah was 150 years old and beautiful. We just got enough people for a service. It was short and nice. After about 6 of us went out for dinner. No shabbat dinner was offered which was too bad. I was looking forward to home made chicken soup! The next day I went on a 7 hour backwater tour. We were a very international group and I met many wonderful people. I enjoyed floating, quietly, with no motor down the river! I was great! I also saw ladies making string from coconut husks, and cashew trees, mango trees, pineapple growing, pepper drying and growing. It was interesting and relaxing! After the tour 5 strong, educated, international women travelling independently and myself went down to the shore to watch the sunset which was incredible. Then we went to the fish market and negotiated for two decent sized fish and then had them grilled and ate a delcious dinner! I spent today touring town with them again and had the most delicious chocolate fudge cake!! You don't get that everyday in India. Which is a good thing or I won't be losing weight (he he he)! Tonight I am taking my first overnight train. It leaves at 7:55pm and arrives close to Gokarna at 9am tomorrow. I have opted to travel 2nd class sleeper. No airconditioner. Because the air con is too cold and I am finally doing much better health wise! Gokarna is a beach town where I will spend two (yes only two days). I didn't come to India to sit at the beach! Hope you are all well! Love, Tamarra