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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Mar 2007

Location: Hampi, India

MapMarch already! Oh My God!!! Time is flying by. Make it move slower, please!! My first overnight train in India was a fantastic experience. There are 8 beds in one section. 3 and 3 and then across 2 more. I was lucky to have three other foreigners in my section and we had a grand old time. Surprisingly I slept very well and unlike China there was no music at 5am, or any load speaker at all. As I got off the train I met a girl and we ended up sharing a room at Kudle beach in Gokarna. This place is sooooo relaxed. There are no vendors, or people trying to sell you things on the beach, cows stroll along the beach each day, the water is warm and clean! HEAVEN! Staying only three days took some work! I also met great people which makes it even harder to leave a place! I then took an overnight bus, (in a bed) which was very cool. And the guy in the bed beside mine gave me half a valuim which helped the sleeping thing. I slept like a baby the entire trip. Hampi is full of interesting ruins. And the landformation is also incredible. It has a large river, but tons of small mountains with temples on top. There are also there huge piles of massive rocks! I am not sure how all this was formed but it is very interesting to see. I am currently travelling alone but spent the day with a polite, wonderful Israeli couple and another young man! Israeli's are everywhere!!! Still loving India and feeling overwhelmed at all the things I wasnt to see in such a short period of time. I just keep saying one day at a time! Anyway, that's all for now! Chat soon! Love, T