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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Mar 2007

Location: Hampi, India

MapHello All! I don't know where to begin this blog entry! HAMPI! A.K.A: HEaven!! Hampi is a totally unique geological wonder!!! It is full of these huge, and I mean huge boulder balanced on top of one another in the most awe invoking way! There is a large, full river running between the two side. My guest house was across the river. There is a large lake (resevoir), rice fields and ancient ruins, monkey temples at the tops of mountains with perfect sunsets!! It is hot during the day and cool in the evening. I have loved all four of my days here. Each filled with something new and exciting! I will add photos when I can! It is also a full moon which makes thing so magical! I was in Hampi on a Friday night and decided to stop in at the Hebrew House for a yet another Shabbat dinner. It wasn't your traditional chicken soup and chicken, but there was plenty of food and about 75 Israeli's! It is strange to feel connected to something (Jewish Community) and seek it out, yet feel so unconnected while there, which is too bad! It's just they all speak hebrew, and would rather speak hebrew. I was one of three non Israeli's there and the only one that didn't speak hebrew. I was asked if I was Jewish many time! It is also Purim a Jewish festive holiday and many people got dressed up and there was dancing and drumming! It was good fun! But not nearly as much fun as the Hindu Holiday "Holi" which has fallen on the same day as Purim! Basically what happens is everyone buys powdered dye (red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink. silver, gold etc) and gets water and then they throw it at each other. My clothes and body were covered from head to toe! I now have a very green bra that will never NEVER be white again! I have to say that I LOVE Halloween but this holiday was such a ridiculous amount of fun I can't even begin to explain! There was also drumming and dancing! I have scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed my body but it remains the colours mentioned above! My breasts are the colour of the incredilbe hulk! I am leaving for Goa and another over night bus. This could be my last three days at the beach for the next five months! WOW! Hope you are all well! Love, Tamarra