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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Mar 2007

Location: Mumbai, India

MapHello All! So not sure if I wrote about Goa at all. But it wasn't at all what | had hoped it to be. On the other side I did meet two wonderful Canadian girls in their 30's and each travelling alone. It was nice to hang with some like minded people. And the huge Anjuna market made for some EXCELLENT shopping. I couldn't resist, even though I know it is cheaper to shop in Rajistan I bought a cute skirt, three tops, a bag, a necklace etc. etc. Then I went to the post office and sent home 5kgs worth of stuff out of my backpack which has changed my outlook on life completely! My pack was just toooooo heavy! Now I am in Mumbai and staying at the Salvation Army. I have sunk to new lows!! It is cheap! I am staying in a very trendy and expensive neighbourhood called Colaba. I arrived on an overnight bus at 11am. Got a room, a quick shower, lunch and went on a boat to Elephanta Island, leaving from the Gateway of India. The boat ride was nice and the island was okay. The guard told me how to sneak in instead of paying the $8 tourist price to enter the caves! It costs 20 cents for locals! The priveledges of being priveldged!!! AND WE ARE!!! VERY!! Then I got back at 6:30pm and made a mad dash to the synagogue. I am on a roll 3 Fridays in a row. No, not considering becoming religious but it is nice to see Jewish people around the world. The synagogue was charming. There of course is a women's section upstairs. I chatted with nice people. Then the Chabad house had a wonderful chicken dinner. SOOOOOOOO goooooooodddddd!!! Roast chicken, I nearly cried. But this was a really specail shabbat for me. It was a wonderful international mix of young and older people. Lots of Americans, SOuth African, British, even a Torontonian! After I met out dancing with an Israeli guy who is here on business. I crashed at his 4 Star hotel,(he had an extra bed!!!!) No one read into that something that it isn't. I took a hot shower for the first time in 6 weeks and snuggled into a soft, warm bed with a fluffy pillow! Sure beats the salvation army 10 bed dorm room! Okay I have written tooooo much and haven't talked about Mumbai at all. I spent the afternoon at the Taj Hotel (Minimum $300 U.S a night). Then I went on a small tour of some interesting sights. I really like it here. I like everything, really!! I am using Dov (Israeli man's) laptop. Good life is pretty good!! CHat soon! Overnight train tomorrow night! Fun FUN! Love, T