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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2007

Location: On the road..., India

MapHello All! Well my three days in Mumbai were weird and wonderful. I met tons and tons of people, but did almost no sight seeing! It is a great city! Especially the Colaba neighbourhood! I have since left there and gone to see to sets of incredible caves. On set Ellora is seperated into three section, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain. Some of these over lapping in time periods. At least thousands of years ago we were tolerant of each other. The caves were fasicnating. The carvings were so detailed. The next day I went to a different set of caves Ajanta constructed in 2-3 B.C. These caves also had carving but they are famous for is their murals. Incredible the colour and perspective! Way ahead of their time! I am now on a small adventure off the beaten track! We shall see where my road leads. Everyday in India is an adventure. Last night I went to see the mini Taj Mahl and while there I met sooooo many different people. A family who asked for my picture (with them of course), a group of seniors, who asked for my picture and a group of six young educated India guys (who asked for my picture). I ended up hanging out with the six guys and going on a little sight seeing tour. They were on a short holiday (4 days) from their jobs. They dropped me at my door and head back to their city (9hrs away). Total gentleman! Unlike the guy who came knocking at my door at 4am! I woke with a start! He said "please let me in" I said is there a fire, are you sick, is everything okay??? He kept saying please let me in! I said NO!!! He went away, at 5am he came back to repeat the process. I asked very slowly and clearly What he wanted, he answered "ME". Then I spoke at the top of my lungs ( you all know how loud that is!) that he should go away, I was paying for my room and I didn't want to be disturbed! He left and did not reutrn. I think the message was clear to him and the neighbours!This was going to be my first full night sleep in five days! NOT to be! I have often travelled with a whistle, but not this trip but I may purchase one yet! I am glad I am not stupid enough to open a door in the middle of the night! Needless to say my heart went thump thump thump! I have no idea which guy who works at my hotel was at my door, but I laid on a thick guilt trip the next morning! India can be very trying on your patience but just as you think you can take no more something wonderful happens. I am not sick of people asking "where from" or "what is your good name". I love the interaction! I love the colours and wandering cows, I even enjoyed watching the rats play among the railway tracks today! Always an adventure! Love, T