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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Mar 2007

Location: Rajistan, Bundi, India

MapHello All! I LOVE INDIA! Do I say that every blog entry! Don't get me wrong some days I want to kill an Indian or two. But there is always something great around the corner. So the last 5 days have been fantastic. I left the caves and head to Omkareshwar. This is a small pilgrimage town. It has all the feel of it. It is also a place where two rivers converge. Water is a sign of life in India and plays a very special roll. I loved this small town. The day was made much more interesting because I spent it with an Indian man who works for the railway. He is a lower class man, but a Brahmin. Not poor but definitely not rich. His english wasn't bad and I went through the whole temple worshipping experience with him. At the end of the day I went to the fruit market to buy some grapes. Just as I was standing beside my bus rinsing my grapes a monkey came out of no where and snatched them away from me. All the woman hanging out of my bus thought this was hilarious! I made a big show of hiding my second bag of grapes down my shirt. They thought this was very funny and I had made friends for my entire bus journey. Maheshwar was not as wondeful excepet for the Ghats at 7am. This is where people wash themselves and their clothes by the river. Morning in India is a very special time, I have never regreted getting out of bed early! What I find amazing is that India sleeps! Every night, no matter how big or small the city is it becomes almost silent, which is pretty incredible for a country with 1 billion plus people! I then went to Mandu which is full of ruins which were interesting. I needed to slow down a bit and this was a perfect place. It is soooooooo dry here. I have never seen anything like it! Everything is yellow (including the beautiful wheat that is being harvested). I have never had my lips dry like this, my feet cracking, unbeleivable and sooooo bloody hot!!! Yesterday I took a 7 hour train trip in the all women's compartment. This turned out to be one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in India! We sang, danced, talked, ate, gossiped! I had tears in my eyes more than once. The Indian women were so wonderful and kind. Again I am blown away here! I have now arrived in Rajistan. I am in another city (Bundi) full of old Forts. I will spend the day tomorrow exploring the narrow streets and ancient ruins. Hope you are all well! Hugs, Tamarra