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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Mar 2007

Location: Pushkar, India

MapHello All! I am sort of STUCK in Pushkar. It is a super touristy town, and I have done some good things but I can't seem to leave. I got up at 5am and climbed a mountain to see the sunrise which was great. While up there I met a great French guy (Albert) and had reconnected with someone I met a month ago (Olivia) and basically the three of us have been hanging out along with an ever growing group of international people! I know stopping is supposed to rejuvenate you but what really happens is that you kick into party mode! So I have now seen the sunrise three mornings in a row and then crawled into my bed for sleep! Night becomes day and day becomes night, I am looking forward to my 6 hour bus ride today, I will likely sleep most of the way! Okay, no blog is complete without a tale! So, I was hanging with a group of 14 people, we rented 7 motorbikes (I rode on the back) and off we go. We get three kms out of town and one of the bikes breaks down. So we pile three people onto two of the bikes. And off we go! Then we get to this valley, and we hike and play in the sand dunes, and smoke chillum with the Baba's (Guru's) at the Shiva temple. They make us chai, and other snacks! Then it is time to go home, but two of the bikes have flat tires. We send the working bikes and people off to get help! Hang out for another hour. Watch yet another amazing sunset. Finally they come rescue us, but half way back the bike breaks down. Now we have four of us on one bike, pitch black, no light on the bike. Who said life isn't an adventure. Did I mention the unpaved, pot hole filled road?? We made it home fine! Never fear, but the story just goes on and on! We laughed A LOT! I have done some shopping here in Rajastan and my once lighter back pack is now at full capacity again! I will have to send yet another package home! The other thing about Pushkar is that it basically has a festival everyday! Always, music, dancing, fireworks. Even at 4am when you are just crawling into bed and there is a group with loud speakers, lights, instruments playing outside your window. And I use to think the roosters were a problem. HA! Anyway, I am still having a great time and I am back on the road again! Chat soon. Love, T