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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Mar 2007

Location: JOHDPUR, India

MapHello All! So i finally dragged myself out of Pushkar. I had a bon voyage party at the bus stand. I slept 2 of the six hours it took me to get there. I needed it! I have a good guest house and I spent the entire day walking walking walking! I saw the most incredible fort. Johdpur is known as the blue city. Brahmin sect use to paint their houses blue, but now everyone does, and this colour paint is suppose to keep the mosquitoes away! That's because they are all eating me! the city is full of narrow winding roads. I spent many many many hours wandering around and getting lost. Unfortunately I also lost my card for my guesthouse and getting back was a bit of a mission but fun as well. I was invited into many people's homes. I stop and talk to everyone. Every third person I walk by asks my name and country. I thought I would get sick of this interaction but I love it. SOmetimes I sit and drink chai and chat. Many people offer me food. I drank delicious chocolate tea today. I bought a pack to take home. It is 8pm and I am ready to eat dinner. Happy Spring! I hear it is warming up at home. It is cooking here! Gotta go! Love T