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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Mar 2007

Location: Jaisalmer, India

MapHello All! Oh my aching butt, inner thighs, legs, back! My 29 hour camel safari was great!!! I travelled with a nice group of people. There were seven of us! Jaisalmer is smokin' hot. 40 degrees and on the rise. We rode our camels for three hours in the morning then rested for a few hours during the mid day heat, which doesn't truly break until 5pm but we rode our camels another two hours in the late afternoon. I rode side saddle, less painful! I even ended up walking for an hour my hips were hurting. Camels, elephants, donkey's none of these animals are comfortable to ride on! We watched a fantastic sunset in the sand dunes. I did a log roll down one and laughed and laughed and laughed! I won't grow up. NEVER! Me and Peter Pan! We slept outside on the sand dunes with a blank below me and one above me! It was an incredible evening. specially when I woke around 3am and the 3/4 moon had already set and the sky was full of stars. 2 of us were on a one day one night safari, so we mounted our camels shortly after sunrise and rode five hours to where our jeep picked us up. It is crazy that people live in the middle of the desert! This desert is more shrubby and flat and not as many sand dunes but it was still and fantastic experience. In the last four days I have taken an overnight bus (which arrived at 4am, grrrrr!), slept in a bed, slept on the sand dunes, and tonight I take an overnight train to Jaipur. And then my mom wonders why I looked a little tired in my picture!! Travelling can be exhausting especially at the pace I keep. So much to see so little time! Hope you are all well! Love, Tamarra