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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Apr 2007

Location: Jaipur, India

MapHello All! I know you all want more pictures but I haven't been anywhere that has fast enough internet! The last few days have been amazing! I got on the train at 4pm in Jaisalmer and met a half a dozen other tourists, all heading to Delhi but me! But sometimes I spend days with people and never really connect. Like my camel safari, nice people, good time but no magic. And sometimes you spend 6 hours on a train and exchange email with four people! You just never know! I arrived in Jaipur at 5am. My sleeping and travelling schedule has been hectic! But sooooooo good! I go on a guesthouse hunt! Too expensive, too dirty, no space, etc. etc. 2 hours later I have met two Chinese girls who speak excellent english and I end up sharing a room with them in a 250 year old palace! SOOOOOOO COOOOOLLLLL! And CHEAP!! No time for sleeping but an entire day for shopping!!! Not me, I didn't buy anything, regretting not buying a neckalace, but they wouldn't negotiate by one cent and that annoyed me so I left! Everything in India is negotiable! I went to see my first Bollywood movie at the theatre yesterday! Of course it is all in Hindi but no need to speak the language it is pretty easy to follow. The movie is a big hit called the Guru with Ashwariya Rye (spelling wrong, sorry) and her future husband. It was excellent! 3 hours long, and only two songs! Very uncharacteristic of a Bollywood! But good fun! Today, I played tourist! I saw many interesting things. The Amber Fort was incredible and I somehow picked up a tour guide for the entire day. He took me everywhere on his bike and I spent allllllll my money that I was carrying on a salwar/Kameez (long top and pants and scarf) I didn't even have enough money to pay my guide who had offered to take me around for free anyway! I can't wait to wear it at home! It is soooo beautiful! I also found a scale yesterday and fully dressed I now have lost 50 lbs!!!! Okay Ruth, you better start your diet or you won't have time to catch up to me! I then took the bus back to town and a Rickshaw driver gave me a free lift back to my hotel! This is virtually unheard of!! But he did! I am now waiting for my train which leaves at 11pm. If I am lucky and my train is no more than 5 hours delayed (no guarantees, but I have been very lucky so far, don't want to jinx myself now!) I will be in Rishekesh in time for Passover Sedar with about 400 other travelling Jews! OKay, fingers crossed. Happy Passover to all those celebrating! Big hugs and kisses! Love, Tamarra