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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Apr 2007

Location: Rishikesh, India

MapHello All! Wow this trip is a whirl wind of action! Here is a crazy story! So it goes like this after a great day in Jaipur which I believe I wrote about in my last blog I got on the train at 11pm and it left about 20 minutes late. SO far so good. I didn't sleep great, lots of noise and at 5am half the train go off in Delhi. I did catch a few hours sleep. I find the most difficult part of travel is arriving in a new city right off the bus and figuring out where you have to go and finding a bed! I arrived in Haridwar at 1pm and caught a bus to Rishikesh then caught an auto rickshaw to the area where I wanted to stay, then walked 1km with my backpack to my guesthouse where for the first time since I left I actually phoned ahead! All for not, no reservation, no room available at any reasonable price! No worries, there is TONS of accomodation and I found a shitty lttle room for $2. I spent the afternoon exploring and then got ready for Sedar. Sedar was big, and okay! About 300 Jews, mostly Israeli. I met a guy I had met before (Yoni) super nice guy and I sat with him. The people I sat with translated everything and were good fun. The food was so so, the rabbi needed to have better leadership skills and more charisma. All in all it was nice to have a sedar and be with other Jews at holiday time and I have no regrets! This is where the day gets a little crazy! I ended up hanging out with a group of people. But when it was time to go home at 12am I had no way of getting back the 2 kms to my side of town. I have been told m\not to hike or walk alone in this area or any of Northern India for that matter. So here I was stuck. Many strangers offered me a space in their rooms. The police said they would drive me home after rounds but they never showed up. Now approaching 1am and still stranded I met a guy with a bike and he rode me back to my guesthouse, and then walked me to my door (10 min walk) just to find I had been locked out!!! I warned my guesthouse that I would not be home until 12- 12:30am so this should not have happened! I shook the cage so much and yelled so loud that all the neighbours came out to see what train was coming through there yards! Of course my guesthouse owner didn't get up! So I went searching at the hotels near by for a room. No space at the INN! One offered a couch in their lobby which was starting to look like a good option. I decided if I was going to have a bad sleep so should my guesthouse owner. So I went back for one more shake. This time all the occupants of my guesthouse came out to the lobby. Fortunately one knew that the key was in the desk drawer and he let me in! I apologized profusely. The next morning I tore a strip off my guesthouse owner. I explained I was a single girl traveller, and how would he feel if it were his daughter locked out etc. etc.! I then packed my bags and left without paying and have moved to the other side of the city, where there is a cooler more interesting crowd of people. I went on an incredible hike and played in a beautiful waterfall yesterday! I think I may stay here a few days, maybe try some meditation, who knows! Today I am going swimming in the Ganges! Yes you read correctly! I am taking a dip in the holy waters of India. Never fear mom! This is the mouth of the river and it is very clean at this end. There will NOT be a repeat performance in Veranasi! Chat soon, Love Tamarra