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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Apr 2007

Location: Dharamsala, India

MapYes I am still here in Dharamsala. It is exactly one week and the longest I have stayed anywhere since I left home in August! My days here have been incredibly busy! Sometimes so busy that I find myself rushing! So much for slowing down, I am not good at that! As most of you know! So the first day I slept, after crazy bus/train journey. The next day I went on a hike to an incredible waterfall, with VERY VERY cold glacial water! The third day I went to the temple where the Dalai Lama lives. The fourth day was soooooo special that I have posted the pictures but haven't yet written about it! So I was hanging with two other people. A Swiss girl, super nice, but frail (very) and a guy from Britain who was totally doing my head in. I am always surprised when I travel when I meet someone that I don't like! He was making me feel really bad about myself. I know not everyone has to love me, but it feels good when they do!! Anyway, I set off at 7:30am on my own! I was really only alone for the first 20 minutes. The next four hours were spent climbing up up up! The walk was incredible. The valleys are deep, the mountains are snow covered, the flowers are blooming in all sorts of colours and the eagles are huge and soaring through the sky! The entire walk up was great. Especially the making of a snow ball! To bad I didn't have any of you to throw it at! Just as you come over the ridge you see the entire mountain range. Breath taking would be an understatement! I love being in the mountains! I spent the rest of the day at the snow line and then reluctantly walked back just in time before it got dark! That night I had dinner with a lovely English guy (Joe) and then went to see Kundun. Not a bad movie about the Dalai Lama. The next day I was still full power (indian term) so I hiked about 10kms down into the valley and stuck my feet in the river (look at the pics). The next day I spent with Sohail my roommate at home (Keely) Indian boyfriend. He is a total hotty but I a bit of a bad boy! Big drinker, and a bit of a playboy! But I can see what attracts Keely! I had dinner at his house with a few others. We hung out and played guitar. NIce night! Today I went to a introduction course on meditation! It was good. It will take some practice like everything. It was a 6 hour course and I learned about 4 different techniques. I liked the shaking and dancing ones the best! Not all meditation is sitting still! Good for me! Tonight I am going to see Al Gores movie on Global Warming! They are showing it at the Tibetan Film Festival. I think I will stay here one more day and do one more hike before heading to the Golden Temple in Amritsar. This is the home of the Sikhs. I am trying to see all of India's religions. It is fascinating! I am not looking forward to going to Agra and Veranasi because I have to return to the 40 degree weather! But I am looking forward to meeting my brother in Nepal! Okay, chat soon! Love, Tamarra