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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007

Location: Amritsar, India

MapHello All! Amazing things happen everyday!!!! So I was walking down the street with two amazing German girls when we heard a lot of noise coming from the Buddhist Temple. So we wandered up to see what was happening. Just as I walked up the hill out comes none other than His Holiness The Dalai Lama!! I even got a picture. We then ran around to the other side of the building (the entrance) and watched a Hindu Puja wishing the Dalai Lama long life and health! The the Dalai Lama spoke briefly. This was a rare event and I once again feel priviledged and lucky! It was really incredilbe! I then took a long bus trip to Amritsar to see the home of the Sikhs the Golden Temple. I like the Sikh community and the temple is amazing. I am staying on the temple property (for free!) They have a special section for tourists. It was hard to leave Dharamsala and the nice cool temperatures. The 38 degrees today is a bit of a shock to the system. I miss the cool nights already and I am very much looking forward to getting to the Himilayas in Nepal! Hope you are all well. I get fewer and fewer e mails from you guys at home. I know your lives are not as action packed as mine but I still love to hear from you! So drop me a line! Love, Tamarra