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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007

Location: Delhi, India

MapHello All! I think I worte a blog from the Golden Temple. I am not sure if I expressed how truly incredilbe it was. I stayed in a free room which I shared with one other person. Everyday they feed something like 30,000 people (for free). On top of this no one forces the Sikh religion on you! NO one asked for money, even though I gave a donation. The place is TOTALLY spotless! I watched from 6am till 11pm for three days. The place is washed, the carpets are changed, the marble ground gets way to hot during the day so they water it all down! Every hour of the day the temple changes colour. It was incredible. Many people stopped to talk to me daily, which is common in India (I am a celebrity here, and get asked for my photo daily!) I will miss all the attention when I get home. The people of INdia are super friendly and most of the time they just want to say hello! I met some nice people and had many interesting conversations.
I also went to the show at the INdia/ Pakistan border! This was hilarious and I have never seen anything like it nor do I expect to again! So at 6pm everyday the grandstands fill up on both sides. Then the tallest Indian's I have ever seen parade up and down the street stomping their feet trying to look intimidating! The show begins with some flag waving, and an announcer yelling out cheers. Hindustan says the announcer and the crowd replies Zindabot! It goes on like this for about 10 minutes or so. The same sort of thing is happening on the Pakistan side. Then the gates fly open, they all stomp around one another, hands are shook, bugles are sounded and both flags are slowly lowered at the same time (so that no flag is higher than the other at any time) folded up then the gates are slammed shut and they all march away! It was incredible! I will post pics when I have a chance!
I took an overnight train to Delhi. I arrived early Friday morning and spent the day playing tourist seeing all sorts of sights in the 40 plus degree temperature. I also went to SIngapore airlines to change my ticket dates (NO NOT COMING HOME EARLY!!) Somewhere around the 14th of August. I then went for a terrible manicure and pedicure. The only good is that they scraped off a km of calloused, dead skin from the bottom of my feet! YOu try wearing sandals and hiking for 8 months and see how your feet look. Don't confuse this for complaining! I AM NOT!! I then decided to go and spend Shabbat dinner at the Chabad House! It was nice, no roast chicken but some nice fish and good converstation with sweet young Israeli's. Tomorrow I am waking up early and heading to Agra. The next day I will visit the Taj Mahal. About 8 days till my brother arrives, hurray! Chat soon, Love, Tamarra