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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Apr 2007

Location: AGRA, India

MapNO GOOD VERY BAD DAY!! Not everyday travelling is paradise! Sometimes India can knock you down and kick you a few times before you get up and shake it off! I went out dancing till 2am in Delhi, this is a blog all unto itself! No women, almost all men (straight) practically humping one another! Again, lock your women up and this is what happens! Either way getting up at 6am to catch a train to Agra was not easy! At 6:45am I arrive at the train station, without a ticket. The guy at the gate says I have to go across the street to get a ticket. I am certain there is an express train (2 1/2 hrs) at 7:15am. He shows me the ticket booth which is really a travel agent, at which point I yell at him that he is a liar, like most people who deal with tourists in India (tuk tuk drivers, restaurant owners, shop keepers, travel agents etc. etc.) I then walk back to the station and ask no less the 20 people about the train to Agra. Finally I find a information desk that is open and they say line up at the next window (NOT ANSWERING THE QUESTION!) at which point I rip a big hole in my shirt, grrrr! I line up and ask for the express train. He sells me a ticket says it leaves at 7:25am, when really it leaves at 8am and it is the mail train! Sort of like the mil run! 5 1/2 hours later I arrive in Agra, so much for sight seeing this day! Then I line up at the train station for 1 1/2 hours to buy a train ticket to Varanasi. I get to the front and they say soory full for the next 7 days. In India they have special beds set aside for tourists or emergency, they cost extra but it gets you where you want to go! They say soory full! It is now 43 degrees, I haven't eaten all day, it is 3pm and I don't have a bed or a train ticket, grrrr! A tuk tuk driver takes me to a travel agent where I pay 650 rps ($20 Can) for a ticket that should only cost 350rps for April 24th, a day later than I wanted! Sometimes you just gotta pay! Finally after checking out 6 guesthouses I get one that I can live with. I jump in a shower and then go to my roof top restaurant. Well, all troubles just melt away as I step out and see a PERFECT view of the TAJ MAHAL!!! I don't know what people are talking about when they come to India and don't come and visit the Taj! IT IS INCREDIBLE!!! I met an English guy and we have spent the last day and night touring around. We were at the front gate at 6am this morning and I had a great view with very few people around! I think I have said this before but getting up early in India often pays off! I haven't slept much in the last few days but I can sleep when I get home! lol! Today it is very overcast, polluted, hazy which is not great for the pics! But it is still amazing, and HUGE!!!! Tomorrow I will go see a Fort about 30kms away and I am taking an overnight train to Varanasi in the evening! I haven't figured out how I am getting to Nepal yet, but never fear I will be there to pick up my brother at the airport when he arrives on what I thought was May 1 and turns out to be April 30th. OPPPSSS! I am glad one of us is organized, that would be him in case you were all confused! Chat soon! Love, T