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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Pokhara, Nepal

MapHello All! This could be my last blog for the next three weeks, so don't panic!!! I am now in Nepal and it is clean, quite and wonderful! I am not sure if I wrote about the respiratory problems I was having but things are MUCH better now! I was beginning to think that my dream of hiking around the Annapurna Circuit was not going to happen. But the cleaner air of Nepal has improved my situation and I am raring to go! I met my brother in line at customs at the airport, (how's that for timing), but he already had his visa and I stood in line for a hour waiting for mine! My brother is friend's with a Nepalese boy in Chicago and his family still live in Kathmandu so we stayed with them. It was my first home cooked meal in 8 months! They fed us none stop. Excellent hospitality! Our first day in Kathmandu Prabita took us to the tourist area to look around. I bought a tank top for my new improved 55lbs skinnier body!! We went to some tourist attractions and strolled around the streets. At 8pm on our way home we stopped at one more attraction, that's when I realized my camera was missing!!! With 600 pics on it!!! We called a few of the places we had stopped and picked up cards, no one had seen it! I wanted to go back and search, but he said everything would be closed! I WAS NOT HAPPY!!!! I dreamed that night about finding my camera. At 8am I was standing at the door of the store I bought my new tank top in. I asked them if they had found a camera. They looked at me blankly!! My heart sank, this was my last hope!! I explained what shirt I bought and what time I was there and then they pulled my camera out from the back counter! Yep you read right, I am the world's luckiest person I know! And for those of you who know me well you know this to be true! Things have a way of coming back to me! I literally burst into tears, and handed him a financial reward then leaned over and kissed him (on the cheek!). This changed the feel of the day! I won't go into details of buying clothes for my trek and trying to organize a porter. After four hours, hundreds of lies and sore feet we gave up! Having accomplished very little! We decided to head to the smaller, quieter town of Pokhara and try there. This was a good idea. We are leaving for the Annapurna Circuit on the 5th. We are both nervous about being in shape, having the right clothes, etc. But I think we will be fine! The first 4-5 days will be VERY hot! We will start at 6am and hike 5-7hours each day! It is also the beginning of monsoon so we expect some rain, almost everyday for the first few days. Then we head up up up! On the 11th day we will cross the pass which is 5400m above sea level. There will be snow and wind and it will be below zero! This also requires special clothes! We have managed to pack all our stuff in one bag (the poor porter) who has to carry it! I will be lucky to get my own self up the mountain let alone my pack! Anyway, so far so good! I will write a long blog when I return! Hopefully smiling and in one piece. My brother is only hiking the first 2 weeks (3/4 of the trail) because of time restraints! One of us has to work! I will likely finish the trek if my body is still happy! Chat soon! Love, T