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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Jun 2007

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

MapI love my life!!!! Okay that is a bit obnoxious I know but when you are happy and you know it clap your hands! Or shout it out loud!!! So I can't remember what I wrote last but Kathmandu has been busy and great!! On my first day back here, after the guesthouse struggle, I was walking down the street and bumped in Nitai (young Israeli I mentioned in a previous blog) we have been hanging out for about three weeks together and I thought he had left to climb to Everest base camp but he hadn't and there he was!! I was sooooo happy to see him. I have to say that I have met soooo many really wonderful people this trip and this young man is a GEM!!! Like a little brother to me! Anyway standing talking on a street corner for 15 minutes we ended up having a big reunion with many others. So arrangements were made and we all met up for dinner and one of my first nights of alcohol in about 6 months! HELLO TEQUILLA!!! We had a great night! The next day I played tourist but not before I booked an overland tour to Tibet. Yes, you read right TOUR!!! It is the only way to get into the country. So on Tuesday I leave for a 7 day 8 night tour to Tibet. It was super expensive but I am certain it will be worth it! I have decided June will be spend a lot of money month. I am intending on flying back to Kathmandu instead of taking a jeep for three days, spending 8 hours a day in the car is just TOO MUCH! So we can add another $350 U.S to my tour cost. Then maybe a flight back to India and another up North! The long trips are starting to wear me down. All three of these trips by land would take at least 2-3 full days each!!! Such big countries!! I am very excited about going to Tibet I have heard great things. When the tour arrives in Lhasa we are set free. My visa is 25 days and I have no idea how many I will spend there. Maybe all 25, time will tell. I haven't even bought a book about Tibet yet! On the to do list!
Okay back to the sight seeing. I went to Bhaktapur this excellent ancient city with cobble stoned, narrow , winding street and amazing temples and adorable school children running around. It was a nice day! Monsoon has begun in Nepal. At least once a day the heavens open with such a vengence I have never seen rain like that in Toronto. But the temperature in Kathmandu is perfect. Capri's and short sleeves and I walk around in comfort!! Yesterday was an amazing day! I had breakfast with friends, then I went to Pashupatinath Temple. Probably the most holy Hindu temple in Nepal. The grounds were beautfiul and the monkeys were friendly. The temple is located on a river and there are places to burn bodies. This is always a shocking thing to see. There were tons of Sadhu's (Hindu Holy Men) all painted. A bit freakish really! A bit of a show for tourists I think sometimes. From there I walked 20 minutes to Bodhnath Stupa. This is a sacred Buddhist site. I happen to love it here. It is peaceful and has a powerful feeling for me. It is a big tower with the Tibetan eyes painted on. I spent the better part of the afternoon sitting here. I will post a picture of it later. I also had a real brownie in a cafe owned by a European! YUM YUM!! From there I went back to the Thamel area (tourist district) where I made arrangements to meet a winter hat wholesaler . I have purchased 155 amazing wool hats of different shapes and sizes! So when I get home if anyone is interested they are wool and fleece lined in a variety or colours and styles and they will be on sale from $15 -$25 each! Wait and see how gorgeous they are!!! Okay, just a small business venture. You have to try everything once!!! Then no day is complete without a game of bowling! Yep you read right again!! I went bowling with a few friends. I have to say the bowling alley was totally modern! They even had a foul line and I lost a turn for stepping over it :(!!! I have now been bowling three times on this trip Indonesia, Malaysia and now Nepal!! Bowling is FUN!! The day is not over yet. After chatting with my little cousin about her prom (she looked sooooo good!!!) I went out on the town. I crawled home at 3:30am after a night of serious dancing! Okay, that's the update. Probably one of my longest entries ever! Hope all is well! Chat soon, Love, T