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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jun 2007

Location: TIBET, China

MapHello all! My last days in Kathmandu were crazy busy! You know sight seeing, bowling, eating, drinking, late night dancing!!! Running around dealing with my hats which I have sent home on a Pakistan AIrlines cargo flight. My tour came to pick me up at 4:30am this morning on a bicycle. It was pouring rain and they wanted me to walk 10 minutes down the street to the bus. I walked about 1 minute before everything was soaked. I then told them the bus could come to me or they could pay for the taxi!! They moved the bus closer and I made a run for it!! Then we were off. 14 of us of varying ages and cultures. Then we were marrily cruising along and that's when we came to the landslide in the road. We were told our tour doesn't cover the transportation from the landslide (4km) to the border! We walked around teh landslide with all our luggage and then I negotiated for a bus for my group. Only $1 each, locals pay about 20 cents!! Then we went through Nepalese immigration. Where the entire office is full of black market people trying to sell money. Right there in the immigration office!! Different world over here. Then we walked another km to meet our jeeps where we were driven 8kms to the Chinese/Tibetan border. There our bags were sprayed and our temperatures were taken. Finally we all passed through. Just to find out the road to the next town is under construction and we won't be able to pass until 5am tomorrow morning! So tonight we are sleeping in dorm rooms (this is what my $60 U.S a day gets me lol!!) The funny thing about this town is that all the cars are green. Tomorrow I will be in the jeep for about 8 hours. If I am lucky (fingers crossed) I will have some excellent views of Everest!! Chat soon! Love, Tamarra