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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Jun 2007

Location: Tibet/Lhasa, China

MapHello ALL! Not sure when I blogged last? So here is an update! I am now finished my tour and not one second too soon!! I am still loving Tibet even though my tour was torture!!! Lhasa is incredible but also sad!! Tibetan culture is dying out quickly and it is disheartening!! I spent the last three days touring monasteries. Each one more incredible than the nexr. But monasteries that use to hold 10,000 monks now hold 600! The CHinese government limits the number of people that can become a monk in a year! The inside of each monastery are full of statues of dieties of all shapes, colours and sizes. I find the inside of the monasteries to be fairly similar but the outsies are incredilbe. Some are like little cities. I love the Buddhist people and Religion (even though it is not necessarily considered a religion). I love that when the Dalai Lama speaks he doesn't say become a Buddhist he says lives an honest good life no matter what you choose to practice. I am addicted to a buddhist mantra and everytime I hear it Ohm Mani Padme Hom it relaxes me in a way that I cannot explain. I am definitely brining a CD home!! I will need it this coming year!!
I am not sure if I mentioned my driving excitment. We were about 20minutes from Lhasa (three days ago) and my driver got pulled over. We knew there was a cop ahead because we saw someone signal us! My driver speaks no english and he is Tibetan! We sat at the side of the road for 2hrs. Supposedly he was going 3km (yes you read right 3km) over the limit. Boy would I be in trouble if we got pulled over for 3km over the limit. I think he was also missing a piece of his license but that is not certain. He made a few calls and thankfully knew the right person. He arrived, hands were shook, shoulders were patted and we were on our way with no fine and his license returned! Just reminds us its not what you know, but who you know! They didn't even ask to see our visas!
Now that my tour is over I have decided to organize a small 4 day trip to a monastery, lake, hot spring and nunnery! I posted signs to find people to share the vehicle costs and within two hours I have made myself a group of 7 people! We are all meeting for dinner tonight to iron out the creases! HAve I mentioned I love travelling!! Okay, that's all for now! Chat soon, Tamarra