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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Jun 2007

Location: China

MapHAPPY PRIDE WEEKEND TORONTO!! PARTY HARDY GIRLS!!! You know who I am talking to! I guess HAppy Pride weekend in Chicago too! ANd HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (June 22)!! 37 and living it up!!! So tomorrow I am leaving on a four day trip. I am super excited but I am not sure there will be any email so I will update you when I can!! I have put together a nice group of six. 3 of us are from Toronto. Two are from France and Eric who is from Israel but has been living in NYC for 10 yrs. In the past two days I have been enjoying Lhasa. Mostly just strolling around taking it all in! I went and had my hair dyed and cut for $15!!! And it is good! I have been eating carrots and raddishs as afternoon snacks. The radishs are so hot that my eyes begin to tear after the first bite! Yummy fresh veggies!! Today I went to the Tibetan History Museum! It came with a recordning that definitely had some Chinese influence!! ONe other cool thing is that at around 6:30pm we had a clear very of Venus!!! So cool! Not cool that when a big group gathered and was pointing and staring at the sky that the police came around a broke everyone up and moved everyone along! Welcome to CHINA!! OKay, chat soon! Party HArdy! Hugs and Kisses! Love, T