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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007

Location: Tibet, China

MapLONG LONG LONG JOURNEY! So it goes like this, life is full of decisions some good some less than good! I had to choose fly $360 U.S or take a jeep $60 U.S. Flight Lhasa-Kathmandu 1 hour jeep Lhasa to border 17 hours!!!! Well it was suppose to be 14 but well... you know how it goes!! I love the landscape of Tibet it is some of the most breath taking picturesque landscape I have ever seen. I had also decided to fly back from Kathmandu to Delhi and then from Delhi to Northern India. So I figured the jeep ride wouldn't kill me! So at 7 am Eric and I were picked up in front of our hotel. Then we needed to change a tire so a bit of a slow start but then we were off. The first 10 hours flew by. Listening to the same tape over and over and over and over (the tape only had 6 songs!) I can probably sing them all by heart! Then I asked if I could drive for a hour and to my surprise he said yes! This was amazing. It is the first time behind the wheel of a car in 10 months!! And it was a Toyota 4x4 stick shift! I haven't driven a stick shift in 10 years. But I was a pro! That was good fun! The view was just as incredible as I remembered if not better. The last four hours of the drive were hellish. The friendship highway is under serious construction. It is only one direction for certain hours of the day and the other direction different hours. That's when people obey teh rules. Things got pretty ugly out there, and then it started to pour! SO things went from bad to worse. We finally arrived at the border town of Zhangmu at 12:30am. I haven't had anything to eat (all this travelling is sure helping the weight loss!) and everything is closed but the cyber cafe of course. I will miss the 24 hour internet when I get back to Nepal and India! Either way tomorrow morning the CHinese border opens at 9:30am and we will walk across. However Nepal is 2 hours and 15 mins behind. So does the Nepalese border open at 9:30 their time or 9:30am Tibetan time!! I guess I will find out tomorrow. Then it is a four hour bus ride back to Kathmandu. I have dinner plans with Nitai the Israeli guy that I hiked Annapurna Base Camp with! Hurray! I hope to fly to India on Saturday the 28th of June. I will be in touch! Love, T