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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jun 2007

Location: Kathmandu, Hong Kong

MapHello All! I am alive an well and back in Kathmandu. On Saturday at 7:40am I fly back to Delhi. No 36 hour bus trip I learned my lesson. Even though in the end I really loved the trip back from Lhasa over land. When I wrote the previous two emails I had just gotten out of the car. But now looking back I really enjoyed the ride. We crossed the border and hitched a ride all the way back to Kathmandu in a mini bus with a group of Indian Tourists who had been on a pilgramage around Mt Kilash. They wouldn't even except money for the 4 hour bus journey and then dropped us two minutes by foot from my guesthouse. Last night I had a wonderful reunion with Nitai the Israeli boy I hiked Annapurna Base Camp with. He is leaving for TIbet on Saturday and I to India. Then I hope to leave Delhi as fast as possilbe to head up to Leh/Ladak. Time will tell! Chat soon. Tamarra