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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jul 2007

Location: Leh, India

MapNamaste!! Welcome to a little slice of heaven! Yesterday I woke at 3:30am and caught a plane to Leh which is one of the most northern parts of India. It has a similar landscape to Tibet. High mountains, dry valleys, snow covered peeks and all sorts of yaks, horses, sheep, goats, and marmots roaming around. The city of Leh is super touristy, which means good food, nice bakeries and tons of trekking offices. I am planning a four to five day trek. I am thinking of hiking up a mountian that is over 6000m high! Leh is 3500m above sea level.
Today I went to this incredible lake Pangog Tso that is about 4200m above sea level. I met four others and we rented a jeep. We drove four hours through the mountains and valleys, reading the most hilarious road signs I have ever seen. "Be gentle on my curves, and Better to be Mr late, than the late MR! And they go on and on! We arrived at this massive lake that is so big you can't see the other end. The water is a perfect turqois and fffffrrrrreeeeeezzzing! I didn't go in for a swim. The air is dry and cool and the sun is shining, Pink Floyd is playing, the moutnains are perfect and the people I am with are fun and kind! So basically a great day!! Tomorrow my roommate is arriving at 7am. It is also the Dalai Lama's 71st birthday and there is a big party here because most of the people are Tibetan! Unfortunately he is in Dharamsala. Where he will be lecturing all week. I am still looking forward to the celebrations! Okay, that's all for now! Chat soon. I still don't have a plane ticket home, but I will call Singapore Airlines on Monday and see what happens! Big hugs! T