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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Jul 2007

Location: Leh, India

MapWhere to begin! The day after the lake I was considering going on a four day trek but my roommate (Keely) was arriving. So I postponed the trek. A knock on the dorr at 7:30am sent me flying out of bed. So quick that I smashed my foot on the edge of the bed and it is still black and blue a week later! Keely FREAKED OUT!! I mean really freaked out! As will all of you, but I will try not to damage anything else! Somehow I also managed to get some sort of bug as well, chills, fever, so so stomach! Nothing a small dose of cipro (antibiotics) couldn't fix!
We met these three Israeli women (Nurit late 40's, Sister Thiya, 38, and friend Rina 61). The six of us rented a jeep to the Nubra Valley. We had to cross the highest motorable pass in the world over 5500m. It was a terrible day the enitre valley was invisible and about 400 meters before the pass we hit a full blown blizzard!! We ran out of the car in our sandals and took the fastest pictures ever. The next 4 days the sky was perfect. So perfect there wasn't a single cloud in the sky!! I spent the next four days hiking up mountains, kicking back and enjoying the scenery from my excpetional guesthouse, dipping in hot springs and thoroughly enjoying life! I would love to be able to describe the mountains and the river, and the adorable school children in their sweet uniforms. But it is not possible. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow! Big hugs! Love, T