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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2007

Location: Delhi, India

MapWell,my drive in the crazy jeep over night from Leh resulted in two days of fever and a head cold that is now nicely turning into a chest cough!! My mother would say this is psychosomatic, because I am coming home. I spent two days on the busy Dal lake in Shrinigar, Kashmir. I had a great house boat with a huge room. Then I switched to Nageen Lake (little Israel) which is much quieter in the sense that there is no mosque waking me up at 4am or tons of boats selling flowers and vegetables. But on the other hand it is full of partying Israeli's. I wasn't in any shape to party, I slept one entire day! My boat on this lake was also incredilbe. They have 2-6 bedrooms. A proper dining room, chandelier and all. A big sitting room and amazing balconies that we all hung out on. They were a talented group of Israeli's and every night they had jam sessions with their guitars, bongo, flute, diggery doo etc. EXCELLENT! I caught my flight back to Delhi. I am spending tomorrow dealing with my visa and picking up my plane ticket, and if all goes well that will all be done in the morning and the afternoon can be spent shopping. Time will tell! Chat soon. I will be back in Canada in 3 days!! OMG!!! Booo hhhhooooo!!! Love, T