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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Aug 2007

Location: Singapore (airport), Singapore

MapHello All! I am standing in Singapore Changi Airport. Leg one (5 hours) of my trip back to Canada is done!! I slept three hours, I couldn't resist one little movie! Shrek 3! Cute! My last two days in India were a flurry of activity! After much headache and 3 hours I finally got my visa stamped into my passport. They had lost the paper work! Fun FUN! My last day in India was spent shopping, 4 pairs of pants, one dress, five tops, a few scarves all for under $150 Canadian! I am in total shock after walking around teh Singapore Airport. Welcome back to the WESTERN world with Western prices! OUCH! I think this is one of the things I am going to find difficult! Everything is so cheap in India and Nepal. A steak dinner with veg and fries cost $8! Of course only found in Nepal I can't wait to eat a piece of cow for dinner this week! So my trip is rapidly winding down but my soft transition back to Canada will be fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing my west coast friends! I hope to make a small trip out to Vancouver Island. I will see you all too soon! Big Hugs! T