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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

MapHello All! Even though some of you have seen me already many of my readers have not. I feel like I need to finish the rest of my trip on my blog. After a great 4 days with my friends Judy and Randall and their adorable children, and an excellent Pride Parade with my friend Angie my friend Sonia and I head to Vancouver Island. First I have to say that Western Canada is AMAZING! It is green, and full of tall trees, ocean and so much more. There are tons of parks all of it breath taking! Sonia and I started our adventure in Victoria. I really loved it. It is a quaint town. We went for a tour of the parliament, I ate my first McDonald's (I know many of you are cringing now but I love it and I am obsessed with meat at the moment!!) Not that McDonald's is meat! We also ate Keg (steak), lamb chops, turkey! Yum Yum! The next day we drove around a lake and enjoyed the scenic drive up towards Tofino. Tofino is on the ocean and the most popular part of the island. Each day we went on a short hike (approx. 2hours) Not Nepal but still great!! I think around day three Sonia was sick of hearing In India.... I loved every minute of this year, even the lows now seem not so low! We got a beach front camp site in Tofino and watched an incredible sunset while snacking on hummous, carrots, cherries and chips! Dinner of champions! We went for a long walk along the beach where for some reason I sampled all the bathrooms along the way! We stopped in this incredible Cedar Forest. This was probably my favorite thing we saw. I didn't want to leave the island, and clearly the island didn't want us to leave because we waited four hours in line for the ferry. We made a picnic in the parking lot. Did I mention that we camped for five days! It was great and Sonia was super prepared!! Yay Sonia! We finally got back to Vancouver, in time for a meat fest dinner! Then I chatted and said goodbye to my friends and the next morning was off to Toronto!