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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHello All! Here I am sitting at my brother's computer! Chicago has been terrific, minus the 2 hour line up at the border! I guess the Canadian dollar being so strong everyone is heading to America! It is wonderful to see my brother! I have to say after trekking in Nepal together in May I think we are closer than before. My brother is looking amazing and is into Triathalons now! Go Darryn go! Superstar!! He made me an incredilbe album of our time together in Nepal. We spent about 4 hours teaching me the basics of photo shop so that I can also make albums. I think this is a year long project! You will have to be satisfied with blog photos till then! My mother and I went on a shopping marathon and replenished some of my wardrobe! Thanks MOM! Now we are on our way home again where I need to face teh reality of the real world. I will be spending time cleaning my room and going into work and catching up with friends and family! Chat soon! I will write a summary blog eventually! Love, Tamarra