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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Jul 2008

Location: York, England

MapHello All! The adventures have just begun!!! Today I woke at 6:45am and got a lift half way into Manchester. I caught two trains and at 10:40am on the nose I met up with yet another traveling friend (diana and her boyfriend Brian). We spent the day strolling around the town of York which remains in its medieval form. It has a lovely canal, incredible churches and small winding streets. I really enjoyed it there and catching up with old friends. I had a wonderful High Tea at a restaurant called Betty's. It was fantastic. I returned to Manchester and took the opportunity to stroll around downtown before heading back into the suburbs. Tomorrow I am hoping to sleep in and relax. I am still feeling jet lagged, mostly because I haven't slowed down at all since I got here. Then I am thinking of leaving for Ireland on Thursday! Still have some planning to do! Everything is as expensive as I expected it to be if not more. Accomodation in an 6-8 bed dorm room will cost me just over $50 Canadian a night! OUCH!! I hope you are all enjoying the warm summer sunshine. It was sunny here most of the day but still quite cool! Hugs, T