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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jul 2008

Location: Dublin, Ireland

MapHello All! So here I am in Dublin, finally. My plane was cancelled :( but I did finally get here about 7 hrs later than expected. I am staying in a dorm room (ugh!!) with what was suppose to be 6 people but they changed me to a 8 bed dorm (ugh). Needless to say when in Ireland do as the Irish do, so I changed clothes and put on my dancing shoes and off to the bars I went. I had a great night and met tons and tons of people. When I got back at 2:25am the other 7 beds in my room were still empty. I nestled in to my clean comfortable bed and at 3am 7 loud, giggly, chatty Bristish girls stormed in. So much for the good sleep. They settled down in about 30 mins and back to sleep I went. I have ended up spending the day with these 7 26 yr old girls. Most of which was spent hoping from pub to pub. It is now 2:20am and I am off to bed. Just wanted to tell you that I am still alive and tomorrow I will spend the day being a tourist around Dublin. There is lots to see. The Temple Bar District was totally packed with tourists. I have barely met and Irish person. This city is a crazy party place on the weekend! Most people just fly over from England for the weekend for stag and hen nights. Lots of people are dressed in proper costumes. Totally different experience from home, lots of fun! I didn't get drunk the budget doesn't allow it, even though lots of people have bought me drinks! Take care, next installment coming in the near future, and some funny pics tomorrow! Hugs, T