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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Jul 2008

Location: Killarney, Ireland

MapHi All! I am sorry about yesterdays blog, but it is difficult to blog when there is a long line of people waiting behind you as you type! Now the guy is whistling, maybe it is a hint! I really want to describe my last few days in detail. They have been really great. I met two German girls on the bus to Kilkenny and we have pretty much been together ever since. I was really looking for people to rent a car with so that I could see some of the smaller towns and get off the tourist track a bit. Walking through a park I stopped to talk to a guy and next thing you know the four of us had arranged to rent a car the next day. We spent the day going through charming little villages and hiking the hills. We walked over 10kms, through fields, churches, more churches and more churches each one more grand and older than the next! It is fantastic. The next day I ran around a city named Cork. Today the German girls and I went for a 16km hike around a beautiful lake and waterfall! We had a picnic lunch which is what I do everyday now. Cheaper and healthier than eating out. Tongiht will be my last night with the girls and they are cooking dinner, chicken stir fry! Yum Yum! I will bring the wine! Tomorrow I will do another 15km hike. I am moving slowly through Ireland, I have the time and I want to see the country right! When I finish Ireland I will decide what to do with the time I have left. It was another good weather day! Keeping my fingers crossed! I will sign off now, need to shower and do my load of laundry for ($12 Canadian) OUCH!!! But necessary! Where is my family, I haven't heard from any cousins or sibling or parents for a few days is everything okay???? Drop me a line! Hugs, T