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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Jul 2008

Location: Killareny, Ireland

MapHello All! My days in Killareny have been super action packed from morning till the wee hours of the morning! Last night I went out to dinner with this wonderful American girl named Shannon! I am certain we will keep in touch for many years to come. Sometimes you meet people and you just click!! She is like that. Anyway, us and about 7 other strays I have picked up along the way went out for drinks and dancing! It turned into a real bender of an evening HELLO TEQUILLA!!! This morning I woke at 9am feeling fine but the days got worse as it progressed. My roommate (one of 8, ugh!!) and I decided to hitch hike the Ring of Kerry. Which is this incredible circle around the coast of about 100 or so kms. It was a slow start but we got picked up by 7 different people all Irish and wonderful. The drive is amazing with mountains and cliffs and ocean. AWESOME!! I wish I could upload pics but it is not possible on this computer. I am going out for dinner now and then out to the pub, but I think I will lay off the drinking for a couple of days! Hugs, T

P.S: I am the luckiest woman alive. For all of you who followed my Asian adventure you would have read about me losign my camera in Nepal. Well yesterday near the very end of the evening I must have put my camera dowwn on the bar while paying for drinks. When I went to take a picture on the street as the bar was closing I realized my camera was missing! UGH! I ran back in and looked in the three places I had been. Then I asked the bar tenders. And there it was! This camera and I are connected somehow! Hugs, T