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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008

Location: Dingle, Ireland

MapHello all! I read all your messages but my computer won't allow me to post replies and this is costing me $7 an hour! I came to Dingle yesterday in miserable rainy weather, but the afternoon cleared in time to go to something called Slea's Head. It is these amazing cliffs coming out of the ocean surrounded by green hills, sheep, cows and horses! Last night I went out with two Americans and an Australian. Nice people. It wasn't a late night. Today I have just showered and changed and it is six pm. It has also just stopped raining for the first time all day! It is strange but at 6pm everyday no matter what the weather has been all day it is sunny at 6pm. I was suppose to go on a hike today, but a down day was nice too. I have finished my book and caught up on my journal! Tomorrow I am heading to a town called Doolin. Chat with you all soon. Keep the emails coming. Hugs! T