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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Aug 2008

Location: Westport, Ireland

MapHi All! Well as always it has been an action packed couple of days. We seem to be forming a pattern here in Ireland. One nice day one rainy day. So yesterday it was a miserable day. I woke up early, ate the free breakfast that came with my guesthouse. Then I caught an 8:30am bus to Conamara National Park and the very small town of Letterfrack. My guesthouse was in an old monastary. The owner was french and so were 55 of the 60 guests staying there. The weather on this particular day is something I can't describe. It was dark and grey and blowing and not really rainning but spitting and terrible. I then hitched a lift in this terrible weather to Kylemore Abbey. This place is amazing. Very picturesque even in the miserable weather. My hostel was not a friendly place, but I did meet a few people, played some scrabble and went to sleep or at least tried but this dude was snoring! Today I woke up to sunshine and happiness! I spent the morning climbing up a small mountain 400m. The I hitched a lift to this amazing Fjord. The only one in Ireland. Then I hitched a ride to a small city called Westport. I was going to catch a bus to Sligo but I found out Westport was having a festival so I decided to stay and do some much needed over priced laundry. I re met up with the three Brits I had played scrabble with the night before and we went out for dinner and to the festival and then went pub hoping! Tomorrow fingers are crossed the weather will be good and I will climb another mountain 800m. One day at a time! Chat soon T