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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 10 Aug 2008

Location: Glenties, Ireland

MapHello All! So I met some people with a car. At least for a couple of days! We have just said goodbye this morning and I am on my own again. However, in those few days I saw sooooo many things I never would have seen. Of course the morning we climbed the mountain the weather was terrible. It was totally covered in fog. However, by late afternoon the weather was fabulous and we walked along the beach and some cliffs and soaked up the sunshine. Then we drove to the highest cliff rising from the sea in Europe. We stayed in a hostel at the end of the world. It was very beautiful and relaxing. The next morning we were recharged and ready to hike along the cliffs but as the pattern goes one day good one day bad. The weather was terrible. The fog hung heavily over the top of the mountain. The grey weather and finely spitting rain is soooo depressing. We hung out and watched the clouds roll in for a couple of hours and then gave up and went to the pub for an hour. We decided to carry on to some caves and waterfalls. Again the weather changing in our favour and we walked along the most incredilbe beach forever. It was low tied and we could walk into the caves carved out of the cliffs by the sea. It was incredible. Last night we stayed in a B and B because the hostel was full. It was a nice change for me. Today I continue to head north and we shall see where my adventure goes. Hugs, T