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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Aug 2008

Location: BushMills, Ireland

MapHello All! So it goes like this. I said goodbye to the Brits and was back on the road again! The second car to drive by stopped and it was a woman and her mother. They were heading to Letterkenny, exactly where I wanted to go! However, they were also stopping at the National Park Glenvaugh (sp?) for the afternoon first. I could not think of a more perfect way to spend a day! We walked about 6-8km. Saw a beautiful castle and garden. The sun was shinning and life was good!! At the end they dropped me almost at the door of my hostel. Where I met a guy and we went and grocery shopped and cooked chicken and potatoes and salad for dinner then went out to the pub! The next day I caught the bus to Londonderry (DERRY). Where most of the conflict and trouble between the North and the SOuth of Ireland took place. It is also the place where Bloody Sunday happened. I went on a very interesting tour were I was filled with history of the city and the conflict. They are experiencing a fragile but steady peace at the moment. Everyone hopes it stays this way. The north economy is starting a boom. In the afternoon I caught my first train in Europe along a scenic coastline. I am now staying in the town wher they make BushMill whisky. I went on a tour of the factory today. Smells great, but I am not a whisky fan! Today it has rained the entire day. I hiked around Dunluce Castle and the magnificient Giant's Causeway. It is an interesting geographical phenomenon where the rocks are all formed in the shapes of hexagons! Even in the rain it was good. I came back and warmed myself this afternoon. But at 7pm the sun finally broke through and I quickly walked the 2 1/2 kms back to see it in the sun! A nice American couple dropped me back at my hostel. It is quiet here tonight. A good opportunity to catch up on my journal. It is suppose to rain all week here but my fingers are crossed I will get a good day because there are tons of great hikes in Northern Ireland. Chat soon, Hugs, T