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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Aug 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

MapHello ALL! Well, I sadly left Ireland on Saturday at 7am in the morning. My two days in Belfast were good. I met up with someone I had met hiking a few days before and we had a drink and chats. That night I went to a hilarious Kareoke Night and then to a disco with people I met at the Kareoke. Both were good. The next day I walked around Belfast and took a black cab tour the explained the history of the violence. It was very interesting. I feel it is a very fragile peace treaty and I will be surprised if it continues for many years. There is no solution just an agreement to stop fighting.
Last year when I was in Laos I met a woman named Margrete, we travelled together for a couple of weeks. She lives in the UK but has been travelling all year. When I opened my facebook I saw that she was in Dublin. So I wrote and she happened to be heading to Belfast. We met up from drinks and chat and dancing! It was wonderful catching up. We also went to an amazing disco that played all 70's music. Tons of people came dressed in costume and the music was amazing! Again I crawled home in the wee hours of the morning. My bus to the boat left at 6:30am. I am NOT a fan of boats, (It's genetic, I got it from my mother, BARF!) But fortunately I was soooo tired from not sleeping the night before that I fell asleep before we left the dock and woke up 2hr 15minutes later when they said foot passengers head to the front of the boat to disembark!! (The sleeping thing is also genetic, thanks mom!) The four hour bus ride was tedious, oh the memories of 12 hour bus rides in India! I was nervous because I hadn't booked a hostel in Edinburgh which happens to be in the middle of the Edinburgh Festival, and the fringe Festival and the Military Tatoo Festival. Rooms are not easy to come by! I went directly to tourist info to find out that every hostel in the city was full. I asked her to call again and see if there were any cancelations. A B & B would cost 65 £ a night ($135 Canadian). One hostel suggested another hostel might have space but tourist info wouldn't call because they aren't registered. I figured it was worth the 5 mintue walk. An so it goes I have a 6 bed dorm room on the top floor of a run down hostel in the best location in the city full of people working here for the summer from Spain and Polland etc. And all this for the low price of 22£ a night! However, a bed is a bed! As I drove into Edinburgh I was immediately blown away. It is a gorgeous city and I will likely spend the next six days seeing plays and exploring the city. I saw my first play yesterday, Ape Like Me it wasn't great but there are thousands to choose from! I will look up the top picks when I finish this. Tonight I a going out for the fourth night in a row, to something called the Silent Disco. Everyone gets heads sets, there are two DJ's and you can flip back and forth. Weird but interesting concept. I will report in later! Okay, time to go find somewhere to do my dirty laundry! Hugs, T