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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Aug 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

MapOkay, so it goes like this. I have been here for two and a half days, and I will spend 6 days in total right here in Edinburgh. I have done nothing touristy at all!! Yet! However, I am seeing three plays a day, and excellent street performers, buskers, comedians. Some of the shows are free others cost anywhere from $8-40. Last night I went to the Silent Disco till 4:30am. I was fantastic. Everyone wears these big yellow headphones. There are two Dj's and you can switch back and forth. When you take the headsets off it is quietish. However, sometimes you are listening to something and then tons of people will sing a line out and then you switch channels. Tons of fun!!! Today I saw an excellent play that I cried though and ate lunch at a restaurant called CHocolate Soup!! Yum YUM! I am seeing two more plays today. One comedy, one singing thing. No rest for the wicked. I have to make time to go sight seeing at some point. Maybe tomorrow, I keep saying that! Chat soon. Hugs, T