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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

MapHello All! I have seen some hilarious comedy over the last couple of days. I went on a three hour walking tour in the rain yesterday. It was good and interesting but I got wet!! This has been a consistent theme over the last 6 days. I have not seen sun all week! I don't know how the people do it over here. I am always wet, even if I have a poncho, it runs down and my legs get soaked. My bag got wet and the dye ran onto my favorite shirt and pants and now I have to throw them out!! I am anxious to see some sunshine when I get home. Last night I went on a ghost tour of the city and it was also entertaining. I went to the National Museum and tonday will go see a Vanity Fair Photo exhibit. And of course at least two show. I wish I had a bit of my brothers genes because I have left booking my plane ticket far to long and I was hoping at the last minute it would drop but alas NO! So it is going to cost me over $200 Canadian to get back to London unless I take the overnight bus, which isn't happening! I can fly or take the train for almost the same price. I am out of time. Hugs, See you on Monday, UGH! T