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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Jul 2009

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

MapHello All! One of the qdventures of travelling is figuring out keyboards in Foreign countries. On this keyboard the Q and A qre reversed, along with the W and M. It is very hard to re-train your brain! Our plane to Paris was huge and packed. 12 across and so,ething like 80 rows. I watched many movies and didnt sleep a wink. We waited just over an hour and I slept the entire way to Casablanca, Morocco. We have a private room with a shower and toilet. Then out for a walk and summer food. It is q public holidqy so most things were shut. We walked for 4 hours. We went to see the Hassan II Mosque. It is the third largest in the zorld, it holds 25000 people inside and 500000 more on the grounds around. Like the sky dome it has a retractable roof. It wasn,t open. So far the people have been friendly and the weather is hot but bareable mostly. Drinking lots sweating lots. There isn`much to see and we will possibly leave here tomorrow, maybe the next day depending on our jet lag. Hope you are all well, it seems like Safia (my coworker/trqvel buddy) have similar travel styles. Also having so,eone who is bilingual in French thqt everyone seems to speak fluently has made life so ,uch eqsier, except when trying to find a ,ovie theatre then everyone sent us walking in circles. Part of the fun or travel, just keep laughing and all will be fine! hugs, T