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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Aug 2009

Location: El Jadida, Morocco

MapLeft Casablanca bright and early and walked to the bus station which took 2 minutes instead of the 30 mins it did the day before. it seems both weinstein and i are directionally impaired!
Arriving in El Jadida we were surprised to find it packed with moroccan tourists as it is the kings birthday and a long weekend. reminds me of a wasaga beach, resort type town. Have settled in a very tiny room where we must walk in single file sideways however it does have a great power shower. The location of the hotel is amazing as are the people who work there. the hotel is surrounded by small winding alleys of stalls and little gulleys of people selling everything and anything, from snails and curtains to inflatable water toys and sunglasses. We have both indulgded in henna tatoos on our calves. All the locals get them done all over the place. Stopped in the Portuguese walled in fort and took pictures. We then hit the super rammed, packed to the nines beach. a sea of sun umbrellas and people. the atlantic was surprisingly warm. Met 2 nice gentlemen Tariq and Moustapha who we spent the rest of the day and evening with. Toniht they are cooking us dinner. They re also vacationing in El Jadida from a town in the interior. Along the sea shore, there is a huge fish market sellin fried sardines and other fresh fish. They bbq it right in front of you. Snails are a common street treat equivalent to our hot dog stands. yuck! my name is quite common here and Tamarra s name means date in Arabic and always gets a chuckle. The streets are packed til the wee hours of the morning and every town seems to have a carnival, rides and all. El Jadida loves panninis and pizza, so do we. Heading to the beach again. Off tomorrow to Essouira a 4.5 hr bus ride away. The adventure continues.

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