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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009

Location: Essaouira, Morocco

MapOur last night in El Jadida, we were treated to a delicous home cooked meal by Tariq and Moustapha at their flat. They made us a traditional Moroccan salad with beats, cucumbers and tomatoes and then bread with a type of meatball Moroccan curry. we busted out our ipod and speaker set and had ourselves a small dance party supreme... obvi. really fun. the boys were showing us their moves and even knew some of the tunes. Got home and didn't fall asleep til the wee hours. I passed out at 3:30, Saf not until 4:15 only to be awoken at 5am by the call to prayer. we woke up in a tizzy and were outta there in 15 mins and off to the bus station to head to Essaouira. the bus ride was an adventure or so weinstein likes to call it. she was conked out the entire 4 hours. it was loud, hot and hella hectic. the driver kept honking his horn and there were multiple stops where someone was screaming and buying all kinds of fruit from the road. We finally arrived in Essaouira and settled into the most enchanting guest house. It has 3 stories and an hella amazing terrace that overlooks the sea. STUNNING! We are located in the medina which is a mish mash of small zig zaging alleys selling everything from carpets, pottery, spice, jewellery, clothes, music, food and much more. It is clean an the people are welcoming. There are a lot of tourists here both foreign and local. Our first tour of the port lead us to an area where children were having diving competetions amongst small blue fishing boats. we'll post photos. watched the sunset from the fort where we found refuge from the suprisingly cool wind. Found a nook in the fort where we sat for hours chatting with people and staring at the sea. we never want to leave and are going to buy property ;) In the evening we were accompanied by our sweet philisophical hotel front desk man. He showed us little restaurants, the beach and even introduced us to some friends. His name is Eunice. He actually is a chef and has offered to cook us dinner tonight at his friends place. hells yeah! we'll take all the home cooking we can get. We're in fact meeting him in fifteen minutes to go and buy the ingredients and cook together/we'll watch and he'll cook. Woke up this morning just in time for our complimentary breakfast then spent the day on the beach. Played in the freezing Atlantic ocean and soaked up lots of rays. We finally made a bit of a travel plan after talking to many travelers and we are both excited. Going to stay one more day in paradise and then it's off to Tagazhout and Agadir for our last stretch of coast. Adventure continues.....