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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Aug 2009

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

Maphello all
haven t written for 2 days as we soaked up sunshine and fabulousness in Essaouira. we spent a few days at the beach, wandered the medina and made many friends. helped prepare some delicious chicken tagine with a local and his friends. played cards and smoked shisha at their apartment. Watched a beautiful sunset from our nook by the sea and were accompanied by some locals. we sang bob marley, celine dion and topped it all off with a lil Bryan Adams. f in hilarious the songs the locals know. had a few hectic political discussions about American foreign policy and drank enough mint tea for a lifetime. Last night while wandering the medina, we found a great little hideaway tucked in a small alley of the medina. we fully had dinner plans with locals and blew them off after finding this spot. the restaurant/cafe was full of little inlets with cushions and tables. we met a cool traveler from Denmark who was actually Sri Lankan and adopted at a young age. Spent the evening listening to live impromtu music, playing scrabble and cards and chilling. We were very sad to say good bye to the beautiful city of Essaouira. Jumped on a bus early this morning with the rising sun to arrive in Marrakesh. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE SWELTERING HEAT!!!! it was a smoltering 45 degrees celcius with no relief. We are staying in a super deluxe room with AC and a plunge pool. tried to walk around a bit between the hours of noon and four and will never try it again. got lost and couldn t find our riad/guest house and wandered aimlessly melting for an hour. Crashed as soon as we got to the guest house and only surfaced again at 730pm. it is now 930 and the temperature is still 35 degrees! The main square Jema Fna is absolute madness. it comes alive at night and is filled with; snake charmers, medicine men, acrobats, monkies on chain :(, freshly squeezed OJ, henna ladies, snail stations and much more. it is mayheim. we will see what tomorrow brings, dunno how long we ll last. I am dying slowly, my allergies and heat intolerance are taking over my body. Hopefully the desert will help. the adventure continues...