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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Aug 2009

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

MapAfter blogging we head to the Jema El Fna to grab a bite to eat and hang out. The square is completely transformed at night filled with hundreds of food stalls and thousands of people. have never really seen anything like it. As we walked through the stalls we were inticed by the smells of kebabs, moroccan salad, cooked aubergine and calamari. Every vendor is trying to get you to sit and eat at their stall. Each vendor has many touts who pull you in by shmoozing. Saf was called Obama and Shakira and offered 5000 camels. I tried giving her away for free. All this is going on while people are placing monkeys on your head and snakes around your neck. There is music and dancing and all sorts of madness. After haggling for our meal , enjoying the square and the manageable evening temperatures we head back to our palace and hung with the guy who runs it. His name is Ameen and he s really cool. He offered Saf a beer which she d been craving and we all became instant friends. Dipped our feet in the plunge pool and watched Carlito s Way.

Headed out early this morning and were able to sightsee for a bit. A palace and some tombs all before lunch. We also booked our desert tour and leave tomorrow bright and early. The trip is three days so don t expect any blogs . we will write about our desert adventure when we return.

Met 2 brit girls Loti and Mili at the guest house and they accompanied us as we snuck in to a deluxe hotel to enjoy their pool. All was well as we swam and frolicked among the 100s of ppl there until we were baited. Turned into a whole big scene, needless to say we will not be returning. Stopped by a cool Cyber parc where I almost shit her pants. I am really suffering in this heat and am battling all the elements. The parc has internet consoles situated throughout where one can stop by and browse. Chilled back at our palace with the girls and are going to dinner in a bit. Ameen is taking us out for a night on the town and we can t wait! Our next adventure and pictures should be fabulous, 60° desert heat and camels here we come. The adventure continues.....

saf and T