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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Aug 2009

Location: FES, Morocco

MapOur adventures next took us up the mountain again to a small village called Setti Fatma famous for its 7 cascading waterfalls. Half the adventure of travel is getting there and this couldn t be more true of our journey. After walking with our packs in the scorching mid day heat we got a shared taxi up the mountain. In the back of the taxi there were 4 grown women who jammed to all kinds of Arab music whistling and clapping the entire trip while Saf and I were mashed in the single seat in the front with our very vocal driver. An interesting hour and a half of honking, shouting and passing along a 2 lane mountain road. We held our breath more than once. Upon arriving in Setti Fatma things became hella hectic. The small village was filled with Moroccan tourists eager to escape the Marrakeshi heat. The waterfalls were well worth it. A 16 year old boy Mohammed (obvi) guided us to the top. Saf had much difficulty and slipped many a time, twice losing her shoes and once her sunglasses. He pulled us up steep rock faces and told us a bit about the region. I even had one particularly large mash up where she got acquainted with a thorn bush and has the scars to prove it. We laughed a lot. He then took us through a local Berber market where we saw neon green and pink chocolate. Didn t adventure a taste. Had a nice dinner and head to bed early enjoying the mountain air.

Woke up early this morning and got a similar ride back to Marrakesh. The train station we arrived at was deluxe and had a super fancy McDicks, obviously we induldged and nearly missed our train to Fes. We bought first class tickets for the AC, which ended up only working for 2 of the 7 hours. The cabins were nice and we met a bunch of nice locals but really sweat it out in the 36 degree celcius oven. We ve now taken to carrying around my alarm clock which convienietly has a thermometer on it. The temperature provides us with hours of entertainment. We are staying in a super plush hotel with a huge pool which we will take advantage of tomorrow.

Tonight we ventured out in the new town that is famous for its fountains that come equipped with music and light shows. Fes seems to be the NYC of Morocco. It is bustling with young trendy people and has tons of cafes and lots of night life. We met a few locals who live in Geneva, NYC and believe it or not the T. They are going to take us shopping in the famous medina tomorrow at 7 am. The medina is Morocco s largest with 9000 streets, exciting. We look forward to getting lost. The adventure continues.....