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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Aug 2009

Location: Chefchaoen, Morocco

MapWe arrived in what we thought was going to be a cool mountain town to discover that it is just as hot as everywhere else. The journey to find a guest house was hot and disgusting and very frustrating but I pulled through and found the perfect little guesthouse tucked away in the Medina. It is owned by a Spanish family and only has a few rooms. Our room is very big and bright and we love it. Below in the street there is always a bustle of activity, kids playing, people singing and all kinds of madness. We people watch often. The town looks like it's from a movie. It is set in a mountain and all of the buildings and houses are painted blue. It almost looks like an icy winter wonderland; or an island in Greece. The days are hot and the evenings are cool. We have been taking it really easy and doing a lot of nothing. It's nice. We found a little restaurant that serves up all kinds of delicious dishes and has an entertaining waiter. Today we met a random couple. The girl is from Wisconsin and has been living in Morocco volunteering with the peace core for 2 years and the guy is Moroccan. They are engaged. Here in Morocco it is illegal to get a hotel room if: you live in the town that you're getting a hotel in and if you're with a man and not married to him ( like the couple above). So they have to rent 2 rooms but use one. Crazy. Tomorrow, we are going on a hike to a place called Akchour that is famous for a land bridge appropriately named 'Bridge of God' It is 25m above the river below and apparently a gem of the North. We're excited about swimming in the lake and hiking around the area. Finally heading back to the coast on Thursday morning to a city called Tetoun. The adventure continues....