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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 20 Aug 2009

Location: Axchour, Morocco

MapHi all! I just want to drop a brief blog about our day yesterday! For me it was one of my favourites so far. We went to a small town about 35kms away. There we wlaked one hour all up hill at 11am to 12pm (not the best choice of times as it was hot hot hot) but the view of the land bridge (bridge of god) and the gushing river below were breath taking. We spent the afternoon playing in waterfalls and diving into deep patches of water and lounging around. The river was chilllllyyyyy. Nice relief from the hot weather. I was sad to leave. We had a delicious roast chicken dinner, bumped into some friends from the desert and caught up on our adventures. We are off to the coast today. One small funny thing is that the taxis dont have hadnles for the windows in the back seats. But a local told us yesterday that you can ask and they will pass you back what they call The Key to the Window! This is hilarious but good to know. CHat soon. The adventure continues....