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Tamarra’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Aug 2009

Location: Assilah, Morocco

MapWe are in the quiet but beautiful beach town of Asilah.

Spent a day and night in Tangier and it was enough. Were very sad to leave Tetoun/Martil and our beach side residence. Got to Tangier quite early in the morning and went directly to a hotel that the book had suggested. It was nice and clean and we even scored the room that the book said was the best. It was the first day of Ramadhan and food was scarce. Famished, we walked around the empty city looking for a bite. None to be found, we decided to go on an adventure. Got a cab and went to Les Grots d'Hercules (the caves of Hercules). About 20km away, we drove through Cap Sparten, the super rich area. Saw some crazy ass gated houses, we making ARAB MONEY.... Stopped to take a few pics of the gorgeous coast line and finally got to the caves, which were stunning. The mouth of the cave looks like the continent of Africa to some but like a man screaming to us. Hitched a ride back into town and were dropped right in the Medina. Spent the afternoon shopping and wandering around the old gated Medina. Went to Pizza Hut a nice Western treat and enjoyed our meal. Walked around some more and finally retreated back home. That's when the drama began.

I spotted a huge coackroach rolling up in our room. Saf clad in her bra and undewear climbed on a chair while I battled the beast and he flipped on his back. Panicked and frantic we had to decide what to do: call the hotel lady or throw a book on it. The latter I worried would flip the roach and send him running. We chose the latter and I was correct. After pandamonium and screaming, I scared the beast out the door. We created a seal with our bedspread. ( Saf at first was trying to take down the curtains) A bit later Saf had to go to the bathroom which is located down the hall and needed accompaniment as she was locked in earlier in the morning and the possible roach encounter. I was with mop as I had flooded our shower moments earlier. While waiting for her outside the bathroom, I spot the beast and see him trying to re-enter our room. In a act of shear bravery I ran madly with the mop and beats the roach repeatitively with the mop and drags him down the hall. The beast is still alive but stuck on his back. This time we go and call the lady who returns chuckling with a wooden broom. Saf
immediately run up to the next floor and hear her walloping the beast. She then sends him down the stairs and calls to her tell her the coast is clear and it was all over. We finally calm down and head to bed only to be awoken at 3:30am by a boy drumming. Startled I gets up and tried to shh him and he responded that he's calling people to eat before sunrise. An hour later harcore prayer starts and the speaker seemed like it was in the window. What a night!

Got to Assilah mid day and have splashed out on some fancy digs. Our room has TV again and is pretty flash. The town is really small but the Medina is beautiful. The city is known for the arts and had a big festival last week. The walls of the Medina are covered in cool paintings and it is immaculate. Met some local boys, Pedro and Aziz yesterday and went to a gorgeous beach and frollicked all day. Had a dance party on the beach, jumped through perfect waves and even had a bit of a natural mud treatment. Watched a perfect sunset and broke fast with the boys. One more day in Paradise and then off to Rabat, the capital and our last city before we head back home :( The adventure continues.....